Top 10 Marathi Movies You Must Watch Online

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Top 10 Marathi Movies You Must Watch Online
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Marathi films are highly underrated in India… especially with so many promising movies coming out.

There’s a lot of improvement in the Marathi film industry. Marathi movies, especially the newer ones, have a lot to offer if you want an insightful, touching, and thought-provoking story. These are some of my personal favorites, even though the list is never-ending.

The Marathi film industry has always been underrated. In comparison to Tollywood or Malayalam film industries, it is not as well known. There may be a lack of solid action-packed movies and an unfamiliar star cast contributing to this. Despite having strong content, movies like Swadesh, Newton, etc are flops in India, while Chennai express, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Singham, etc are blockbusters. Indian audiences are intelligent.

It’s easy to change your perspective about Marathi movies by watching good Marathi movies. This is my list of top movies.

10 Best Marathi Movies

1. Ajinkya (2021)

Despite all odds, Ajinkya celebrates triumph. In this story, we have a dynamic entrepreneur, Ajinkya, who is the leader of his rapidly growing construction company, Midas Touch. He is a confident, aggressive, and shrewd entrepreneur who will leave no stone unturned in achieving his goals, even if it means employing unethical methods in order to reach those goals.

On Rittika’s insistence, he visits Jath, the place where he was born, and he finds love there as well as a reason to visit his birthplace. Among the rustic surroundings around his ancestral home, they grow closer to each other as time passes. There comes a point when a heartbreaking incident shatters their fairy tale and rocks the foundations of their relationship to its very core.

2. Hariom (2022)

There is a story in Hari Om that follows the lives of two brothers whose lives are inspired by the life and teachings of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. In the aftermath of the death of their friend Pradeep, Hari and Om fight against all odds to bring the real criminals to justice.

3. Lagan (2022)

An uneducated woman named Radha wishes to educate her son so that he will be able to get a job with the government. Unfortunately, Radha’s dream was left unfulfilled when her son fell in love with a girl and was unable to fulfill her lifelong dream. Does she have any hope left for her future?, Know more and watch this full movie.

4. Roop Nagar Ke Cheetey (2022)

It is the story of two childhood friends and their contrasting lives in two different cities after an incident that changes their lives forever, Roop Nagar Ke Cheetey is a fascinating memoir of two childhood friends and their contrasting lives.

5. Aamhi Butterfly (2022)

There are four main characters in this film, Shiva, Ranji, Sharukh, and Raman, who are all young adults. There are four 12-year-old girls – all of whom have the determination to soar – who are the main characters in the film Aamhi Butterfly. As a result, the story is about the passage of a child from adolescence to teenage years and how the struggles they face as a result of those struggles have a lasting impact on us as well.

6. Monsoon Football (2019)

A few middle-class housewives have dedicated their lives to their homes and have never taught themselves beyond their families. With family as the center of their lives, these women have now decided to step outside their comfort zones and take up football to show that even though they are devoted to their families, they can accomplish much more than just that.

7. Swarajya (2011)

The Maharashtrian belief that Maharashtrians cannot do business makes Ram Patahre struggle to get financing for his business. He also feels bad for Marathi people who are facing a lot of problems and is not ready to give up. He fights all odds and starts his own business, which doesn’t stop him here. With his Guru’s advice, he starts Yuva Sanghatana Sena and later a political party titled Swarrajya for Marathi welfare, but is faced with problems from MLA Kapadia.

8. Lata Bhagwan Kare (2020)

It was a 65-year-old woman who participated in and won the Exclusive Marathon in order to save her husband from a fatal condition.

9. Charandas Chor (2017)

In this story, a thief is on the run and finds some more thieves! This is a slice-of-life movie sprinkled with layers of humor through the cute, naive Charan Chandrakant More. but is he really that naive? Charan is an apprentice in the film industry when he gets a trunk filled with 2 crores of original cash. With 2cr booty, Charan embarks on a journey, but his problem is, he wants to tell the world about the trunk, but also wants to hide it from everyone confusion! We will find out the truth, as Isaac Newton rightly said- “Truth can only be found in simplicity, not in chaos and multiplicity.

10. Gumnaam Ek Thriller Night (2021)

Anu and Ketan go to a haunted jungle with their friends and get lost in it. They find Mahesh in the jungle who was looking for his brother, and they all start looking for him and his friends, but they discover all their friends are dead in the jungle and watch gumnaam ek thriller night.

Conclusion: One of the best things about Marathi movies is their extraordinary artists. There is something special about Marathi movies, especially their storytelling and performances. A great deal of art and literature is used to discuss reality.

Marathi music is already regarded as one of the best in the world.

Because Marathi literature is always ahead of its time in every era, no wonder their regional movies are the best. Literature is portrayed on screen by them.

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