10 Best Must Watch Marathi Movies (IMDb Top List)

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10 Best Must Watch Marathi Movies (IMDb Top List)
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There is no doubt that Marathi films are the treasure trove of Indian cinema. Despite some great movies made by South Indian and Bengali cinema, people often overlook Marathi cinema at the national level and don’t realize what they’ve been missing. Presently, Marathi cinema has some of the best talents in the industry, and filmmakers are not afraid to experiment with genres and storylines. It is also possible for Marathi movies to be refreshingly and unapologetically honest, something that is lacking in most Hindi films today. Here are the 10 best Marathi movies you should watch!

Top 10 Marathi Movies of All Time

1. Natsamrat (2016)

The estate of Ganpat Belwalkar, a Shakespearean actor who retired after a long career as an actor, is split up between his two children after he retires. The ungratefulness of Ganpat and his wife, however, leaves them homeless in their old age because of their ungratefulness.

2. Katyar Kaljat Ghusali (2015)

A singing competition is organized by the Maharaj of the state of Vishrampur and it is announced that the winner will receive the status of a royal singer once he has won the competition. It is Khanasaheb Aftab who then challenges Pandit Bhanu in order to prove his legitimacy.

3. Maratha Tituka Melvava (1964)

There is no doubt that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, together with his trusted warriors, is a brave and courageous man who is fighting for an independent Maratha kingdom on his own.

4. Sairat (2016)

In this book, we follow the fortunes of two young star-crossed lovers, Parshya and Archie. As soon as Archie and the low-caste son of a fisherman are in love, Archie’s father will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter from spending time with her low-caste boyfriend, who is the son of a fisherman.

5. Vaastupurush (2002)

Bhaskar returns to his native place after being away for 40 years, but he is only able to see the ruins of his manor after his return. In debt to his mother, he feels indebted to her and vows to fulfill her wish of becoming a doctor by fulfilling his mother’s aspirations.

6. Deool (2011)

The excitement of a village cowherd who sees a vision of the god Dutta cannot be contained when he sees him for the first time. It won’t be long before plans for a much-needed hospital are abandoned in order to build a temple instead. It is the temple that brings tourism to the town and changes the way people live.

7. Khwada (2015)

In order to find fodder, a dispossessed shepherd family moves from village to village in search of food. In order to find love and a new future, the younger shepherds begin a quest until they come into conflict with corrupt landlords in their neighborhood.

8. Naal (2018)

When an eight-year-old boy learns that a shady truth about himself is hidden in his past, his life takes a turn for the worse as he is pampered by his loving and caring parents. Within a short period of time, he starts to distance himself from his mother as well.

9. Dhyasparva (2001)

A period film, based on the life and work of great visionary Raghunath Karve in the period 1882 – 1953. The film through the protagonist talks about several taboo issues prevalent in society.

10. Dashakriya (2017)

As undercurrents of rebellion run under the surface, priests such as Keshav make money hand over fist by commercializing Dashakriya, a ritual performed after a deceased person is cremated. As Banya learns the tricks of coin divers’ trade and puts it to good use in an hour of need, he quickly becomes familiar with the tricks of the trade.

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